Women are the biggest purchasers of mens underpants. Think about it.

Before men are married – underwear is bought by their mothers. Sometimes they’re gifted as a present by grandparents. Lets be honest, how many of us got undies as a Christmas present from our grandmothers? (This used to annoy me, because quite frankly I do not think underwear constitutes as a decent enough gift. They’re a want not a need. As a child, I remember being mildly miffed, because receiving underwear wasn’t something I wanted. It was something I needed. Unless of course they were Spiderman undies, because they were REALLY COOL…and I needed those!)

When men are in they’re teens, it’s still mum who does this purchasing. And when the man gets married, it’s the wife that purchases their husbands underwear – only women buy mens underwear.

There’s a very good reason why here in New Zealand Dan Carter is the posterboy for Bendon Men’s Underwear!

OK so I realise I’m grossly stereotyping here, but I’m doing it to make a point. In many instances the consumer is vastly different from the customer. Sometimes that advert on TV you hate with a passion simply isn’t targeting you…even though you consume the product!

Is that breakfast cereal advertisement targeting the family? (consumers) Or mum? (the customer)

OK here’s an easy one, what about dog food advertising? (hopefully you can easily tell the difference between the customer and the consumer!)

Now here’s an interesting one, who are children’s toy adverts targeting?

It’s imperative to understand what both consumers AND customers want if you’re to achieve effective marketing results.


Photo by Geoff Trotter