There’s a form of communication that is vital to all humans. Both children and adults thrive on it. And yet some of us are scared of it.


We should be looking to give feedback as often as possible. It’s important if you have direct reports. And providing feedback “up” in an organisation is useful and can be well received if done tactfully.

I’ve been managed by both competent and incompetent managers. And as someone who’s has numerous direct reports over the years, there are a few basics that I believe are important when it comes to giving feedback:

  • Praise in public.
  • Criticise in private.
  • Give feedback often.
  • Talk about positives if you’re talking about negatives.
  • Remember it’s about behaviour, not personality.
  • Be specific.

And when it comes to receiving feedback:

  • Be open to it.
  • Thank them.

But not everyone can handle feedback. I have clients that refuse to use social media because they’re terrified they’re going to get bad feedback. To me this is plain stupid. People are already saying bad things about you. The question is, do you want to know about it and would you like the chance to rectify it?

How do you give feedback?

Scared to use social media because of it?


Photo by Valery Kenski


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