Can you easily communicate to your customers and colleagues exactly what your company does?

Can you do it in 30 seconds or less? What about 10 seconds?

Often referred to as the “elevator-pitch” (because traditionally it’s how long it takes to travel between floors and explain to a stranger what you’re all about), having a succinct pitch ready to go at a moments notice is extremely important.

It says that you’ve thought about your business, your place in the industry you work in, and what value you can provide.

Being able to articulate this is especially important if you’re looking for funding. I’ve seen first hand enthusiastic entrepreneurs stand up in front of audiences full of angel-investors and totally fail to engage with them. Why? Because they couldn’t get across what the business was about in the first 30 seconds. By the 2 minute mark they’re ranting on about why it’s a good investment and the potential return, but they were wasting their time. They’d already lost their audience who were struggling to understanding the jargon and the simple idea behind the business.

If you can’t get across what it is you do in 30 seconds, how do you expect someone to invest in you?

Can your staff briefly describe their company and what it does? What about your clients? They’re both front line brand advocates.

A good elevator pitch should be tied in to your value proposition and honed so that it sticks with all who come into contact with your brand. Furthermore, every person in your organisation should have their personalised elevator pitch pertaining to their job, on hand and ready to go.

A good way to test this is to ask all your staff individually to describe what the company does in 10 seconds or less. If you get a heap of different answers, you know that it’s time to work on your elevator pitch.

How do you ensure staff understand and communicate what the business is about? Do they have an elevator pitch they can rattle off?

Image by Sam Howzit