I believe in simplifying marketing into a language that everyone can understand.

It’s easy to baffle people with acronyms and jargon. And with every changing technology, updates and skills, it’s tough to keep on top of things. Anyone can make the simple, complicated. But I believe there’s a real art to making the complicated, simple.

That’s why I started Simplify and Amplify. I want to simplify marketing to help businesses get amplified results.

I’ve run seminars and delivered presentations for franchises, government bodies, big corporates and small businesses. As well as being an active blogger and public speaker, I’m currently writing a book on digital branding and marketing. Being a media junkie keeps me up to date with the latest trends in the marketing world.

I thoroughly enjoy travelling, playing the guitar and cooking. Having an unhealthy passion for writing, music, movies and art keeps me very busy. And 2.5 kids plus a wife ensures that all my spare time is (sometimes) used wisely.

If you’d like to book in a free 1 hour marketing consultation, please get in touch.